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The rise and rise of the VA – Why more businesses are looking to outsource

The use of virtual assistants in the UK is on the increase and it’s not surprising considering the impact they can have.  According to Gartners’ predictions, almost half of online customer self-service search activities will be through a VA by 2015 for at least 1,500 large enterprises.

The purpose of a virtual assistant (VA) is to make situations less stressful, tasks more productive and inject control where there may previously have been chaos. A VA is a professional who provides administration services for you and your business, particularly for those who do not have the time or resources to do so using existing capacity.  Virtual assistants can be agile but most usually work from home. They are self-employed and work as independent contractors.

Virtual assistants can undertake a variety of functions including:

–          Bookkeeping

–          Event planning

–          Marketing Support

–          Mail, Email services

–          Research

–          Secretarial and telephone assistance

–          Internet marketing and social media

–          Transcription

–          Proofreading, Writing and Editing

–          Presentations

–          …. And many more!

Putting it simply, VAs can buy you more time, save you money and increase productivity. Other benefits include:

–          You can grow your business, instead of just running it – having a VA do your routine tasks and one off activities allows you to dedicate thinking space to strategy and planning.

–          You can have a better Work/Life Balance – Having a successful business is no fun if you can’t share the advantages with friends and family and partake in leisure activities.

–          You can save on space – A VA doesn’t need a desk or equipment. They usually work from home and are very self-sufficient.

–          You can benefit from Expert help – VA’s are highly skilled professionals and can be relied upon to have the technology know how, knowledge and education to provide you with a high quality service.

VA’s make financial sense. There are no recruitment or training costs. A VA is only paid for the work that is completed and not for the time they spend in the office or at home sick. The chances of office politics and complaints are also vastly reduced! There are no legal or Health and Safety regulations to contend with as VA’s are self-employed and make their own arrangements. Similarly, there is no need to deal with tax or insurance processes.

Once you have found the right VA, you will agree that it is just the same as having a trusted business partner who enables you to have the time and energy to accomplish more.